Battling the Hives

I certainly wish I could talk about something else besides illnesses, like what shows make me giddy right now, my plans for Christmas, what I think about life after death, or where the tourism department had gone wrong with their campaigns–but I just can’t. You see, I’m battling hives.

Just this morning, Bernard and I talked about my health dilemmas. It seems like when I get sick, I really do, and it normally lasts for weeks. In the middle of November, I had to deal with urinary tract infection, which was starting to affect my kidneys. Then I had quite a serious cold, which gave me slight fever, cough, running nose, watery eyes, and a virus that later caught up with the rest of the household.

Then this. I certainly don’t know the ultimate reason behind having hives besides the fact that there could be a gazillion triggers. I cannot point out one thing. However, just to make sure I eliminated

  • eggs
  • chicken
  • my new set of skin care product
  • sofa
  • bed

I am currently taking one of my favorite anti-histamines since they don’t leave me drowsy for the rest of the day. I increased my dose of vitamin C from 500 mg to 2,000 mg, drank a lot of water, and avoided scratching the itchy parts. Since this is my second this year, I somehow know what to do, which is to stop it from spreading farther. Thus, most of the rashes are just in my arms and legs.

I hopefully am on the way to recovery. I can’t wait. In the meantime, I’m thankful that all these happened before Christmas and New Year’s. I certainly don’t want to celebrate the holidays feeling all blue and exhausted.


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