Costabella Stories in Photos

For more than 25 years, Costabella Tropical Beach Hotel in Mactan Island has been gathering not tourist statistics but stories, which are more long lasting, more intimate, and more unforgettable.

So if you’re staying in Costabella, these can be your possible tales:

The stately seafront suite gives you a perfect venue to daydream during sunrise or sunset, create fun memories with the kids, rekindle the lost passion with your partner, or even look forward to a new beginning.

You just don’t spend dinners at La Marina. You celebrate life and love, build a business, enhance your network, socialize with newly found or long-lost friends, propose to the one you love, satisfy your palate’s curiosity, and spend hours of laughter with your loved ones.

Costabella weddings are a testament of love and commitment, a time to find a soul mate, to believe in love, to cherish friendships, to welcome the new addition to the family, and to remember again that life becomes more meaningful when shared.

Relax at Lema Spa and rejuvenate your soul, learn to love yourself more, reward yourself for all the sacrifices you’ve made, soothe the pain, let go of your worries, and sleep yourself to wonderful dreams.

Costabella helps you believe in the good times, in the blessing of family and friends, in a beautiful life. Most of all, the tropical paradise within the city enriches your life with more beautiful stories.

Come now and make your own.

Costabella Tropical Beach Hotel is located at Buyong, Mactan Island, 30 minutes away from Cebu City.


Hotel Number: 24/7 (+6332) 238-2700 / 495-1000

Reservations Number: Mon-Sat (8am-6pm) (+6332) 231-4244 / 416-2440



2 Comments on “Costabella Stories in Photos”

  1. Cebu Jobs says:

    what a very nice place! great post!

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