Julie’s Bakeshop: Cebu’s Food Tradition

(My) first bakeshop opened on January 6, 1981, a day for gift-giving. I asked God to give me this, to make it work, to make it succeed. I asked God for only one but He gave me more than I ever dreamed of.

–Mrs. Julie Gandioco

The matriarch of Julie’s Bakeshop is right. The brand has spread across the country, with over 100 franchises, making it the biggest bakeshop chain to date.

Julie’s Bakeshop actually started as an offshoot of the founder’s canteen business. She believed her customers needed breads, but rather than outsourcing them, she opted to make her own. The first bakeshop opened in Wireless, Mandaue City, on January 6, 1981.

She didn’t leave anything unturned. She hired the best people to work with her and, most importantly, she learned everything there is about the business. She kneaded, tasted, and experimented.

She labored for hours, generated ideas, came up with her own creations, and worked hard to develop cost-effective processes–she worked that mother’s touch.

Thus, it didn’t come as a surprise that only after 7 years, it already had its first branch outside Cebu, in Ilo-ilo, and 10 years forward, it’s a full-fledged ready-for-franchise brand.

Indeed, Julie’s Bakeshop is more than its freshly baked breads every day or its wide range of products, from cakes and rolls to the classic pan de sal. It’s even beyond reachability and affordable price. It defines great love, passion, and commitment of everyone that makes up the business.

Julie’s always has you in its mind. Visit its official Facebook Fan page or its website for the brand’s newest offers and promos.


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