About Me

My name is Milafel. A lot of people call me Lemski, but my family and some of my closest friends prefer a different one.

I own a cat. His name is Chuck. I am married. My husband is Bernard. I live in a town far, far away.

I take delight in a lot of things, but I am also a worry wart.

I am a certified couch potato and an Internet junkie, but I also like to travel and sleep–a lot. I love to cook in as much as I like to eat. But hopefully that would change very soon once I fully commit myself to diet and exercise.

My self-perception changes from time to time, depending on my mood, so expect to read another version of About Me sometime soon.

If you find me interesting and would like to talk to me, add me up in YM: lilie000. Or perhaps e-mail me at cheapwriter101 @ gmail dot com. But please include a short information of who you are. I report potential spammers, you know.

3 Comments on “About Me”

  1. Jon Page says:

    I’m Jon and I found your name on BCB… i got interested to see your writings and that leads me to send you this simple message. Great to know that you are one of the finalists of best cebu bloggers.

    I owned blogs too, one in wordpress (http://aljonpartz.wordpress.com/) and in blogger (http://jonpageblog.blogspot.com/). I hope to get in touch you more soon…

    You’re the best blogger ever!


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