Picking Up Teachings from the Dog Whisperer

I have a new habit: Every Wednesday night, I sit in front of the TV to catch the Dog Whisperer. It’s one of the animal-oriented reality shows in National Geographic. The two-hour-long program showcases the various dog dilemmas of owners and the techniques Cesar Millian, the dog whisperer, uses to rehabilitate their pooches.

Sounds lame, right? Not really. Cesar has a different philosophy when it comes to changing dog behavior: he, most of all, deals with the owners.

So for the past two Wednesday nights, I just don’t end up entertaining–and often surprising–myself. I learn a lot of valuable lessons, which, interestingly, can be used in human relationships.

You radiate energy.

Whether it’s negative or positive, you give it off. Depending on what you give away, the creature will either be submissive or aggressive, happy or sad or even angry. I bet it’s the same thing with humans. That’s why we’re always advised never to hang out with toxic people and to put a smile on our face whenever we can because it brightens up someone’s day.

You have to be a leader.

When it comes to pets, you should be the leader, the boss, the dominant among the pack. Otherwise, he’s going to pounce, run away from, and hurt you like there’s no tomorrow. You’ll have no choice but to give in to your pet’s every whim, and no amount of pleading–and screaming–can help you change his behavior.

Comparing it to human interaction, there are times when we need to be decisive, stand up for others, or be firm with our decisions. Sure, we can listen to other people’s pieces of advice, but in the end, it’s what we think  and believe that matters.

Discipline is one of the fundamentals of life.

A lot of owners know how to care and love their pets. Only a few know how to discipline. It could be because there’s always that nagging feeling you may end up physically or emotionally hurting the pet by doing so. The truth is the right kind of discipline always stems from abundant love and care. You want your pet to be really good, so you reprimand him once in a while.

I was one of those who weren’t spared the rod, and though it took me a while, I was able to understand its importance. It helped me become a more disciplined person. I learned to respect, obey rules, and set good standards for myself.

It takes a lot of practice.

You don’t change an aggressive dog into a submissive one overnight. It takes weeks or even months. But you’ll get there if you simply practice.

I like to relate this to changing habits. Though some succeed in changing cold turkey, few don’t. Unless you make that one bold move today, though, you cannot hope for the change you want.

I don’t know what other life lessons this show is going to bring me, but you know, I’m excited. It may also just help me face one of the biggest fears in my life: dogs.

New Assignment!

I am happy with my new assignment for Cebu Bloggers Society. I’m tasked to write anything related to personal finance.

It’s quite close to my heart, because I grew up being taught by my parents how to manage my finances well. Although I don’t succeed at all times, the learning I get from them allows me to pick myself up immediately, move on, and find more effective strategies.

It will also motivate me to be consistent. I would definitely turn out to be a hypocrite if my tips are the things I don’t really believe in, more so practice.

I don’t really consider myself a financial guru. I don’t have in-depth knowledge on investing and insurance, for example; but hopefully, with the help of some experts, I will be able to acquire the education, which I can then share with all of you.

I am very much open to any suggestions, comments, and questions. My e-mail address is found in About Me section. In the meantime, read my tips on How to Save and Manage Your Salary Every Payday.

This Made Me Cry This Morning

Okay, I do cry over almost anything, but flash mobs–or majority of them–hold a softer spot in my heart.

Money-saving Tips in Less Than 15 Minutes

“We need to talk about how to save,” I said all of a sudden while Bernard was lazily lounging on the sofa, his eyes glued to Harry Potter: The Half-blood Prince.

“Okay,” he replied.

I no longer went up the stairs. Instead, I sat across him, face-to-face.

In less than 10 minutes, we’re done. Now, you may wonder, “What the heck did they talk about over a short span of time?” Fortunately, quite a number–and some of my pressing issues:

As much as possible, we should limit taxicab rides to once every time we go out.

The habit all started when the terminal for V-hires was moved in a very inconvenient place. I really don’t have to energy to travel for 10 minutes more, knowing I have to commute for around 15 to 20 minutes from our home in Cordova. With taxis, I can use the spare time for cleaning and sleeping.

Worse, I have to sit for a few more minutes for the other passengers to come around. Unfortunately, some drivers think my 25 pesos isn’t really worth for an air-conditioner.

And I find riding taxis very comfortable.

But it’s getting costly, we admit. So here’s what we decided. As much as possible, we’ll ride the taxi if we’re going to the city. Going back, we have to take the V-hire that goes straight to Cordova.

This may also mean that we should prefer daytime and afternoon activities, those that don’t get us stuck in the city past 8PM, unless we’re willing to open our wallets for another taxi ride.

We’ll limit our entertainment expenses. 

I do make a budget list every 15th of the month, and there you’ll find a section called miscellaneous expenses. It includes movies, dinners, food deliveries–everything that defines a want, really. Not surprisingly, the allotted amount is never enough.

So we need to cut back on that. We’ll have to choose the movies we’re going to watch (and since it’s the Avengers’ year and he doesn’t want to watch a movie alone ever again, I have to force myself to give in). If we can download it online, then we’ll do it.

We also need to reduce our food deliveries and be patient in cooking meals. We also agreed to go out to any restaurant we like at least twice a month.

We should also decrease our food. 

For a while, we debated. I want us to eat just once a day (after all, we’re getting bigger each year). That’s when his eyes bulged and without hesitation said no. So we compromised.

We’re going to eat twice a day–no breakfast; we somehow are not fond of it–reduce our cups of rice to one (so that means each of us gets a half), cook only once per day and save the rest for dinner, and eat more vegetables and fruit. Honestly, he doesn’t know about the last one, but since I’m the one who leads the groceries and makes the budget, he has to say yes to it.

There. Everything covered in 10 minutes. We’ll try all these this May. I’m crossing my fingers and hoping we’ll get to follow them.

Style Origins: Fashion and Music Go Together

End your weekend with a big bang and lots of style. Watch Cebu’s best models strut the upcoming spring-summer collection for this year from some of the best local and international brands in the metro:

  • Loalde
  • Nautica
  • Accessorize
  • Filippo
  • Giordano
  • Girbaud
  • Penguin
  • Puma
  • Sketchers
  • Speedo
  • WAGW

Jam too to the live music of no less than Mr. Rico Blanco. All these–and definitely way more–are happening on May 8, 7PM, right at Ayala Terraces-Cebu.