And Now I’m in WordPress

It’s so sad that I begin my first day in WordPress in a series of bad news. First, I’ve been sick for a week now: urinary tract infection. The doctor said I could be resistant to antiobiotics, which means it can go on for a much longer time.

Aside from that, I’m nursing a very bad cold with low-grade fever, mild cough, itchy runny nose, watery eyes, and slight difficulty in breathing. However, I cannot take any medications. Else, I’ll fall asleep, and there’s probably no one who can wake Bernard up in time for his work.

I should not be blogging in WordPress either. However, my account in had gone hay-wire, and I have no idea how to fix it–and I’m tired right now to even figure things out. So here I am.

Despite these issues, I am still thankful, for I’m quite back in blogging. It’s been quite a while since my last decent post. My blood count is normal, and my immune system is still in fighting form. Compared to last week, my test results are so much better, and I no longer feel a lot of lower back pains.

Christmas is fast approaching, and I can’t wait to decorate our home and have my own mini garden before December will be over. I am also thinking of a good nook where I can just read books, daydream, sleep, or be completely alone with my thoughts and perhaps some of my worries.

Positive thinking does remove the stress away, and I intend to keep myself in this perspective.







4 Comments on “And Now I’m in WordPress”

  1. Alfred Awe says:

    Ei, what happened? Naa ka sa balay o sa inyo balay?

  2. lemonsito says:

    I am sick. 🙂 But really, I don’t feel so tired. The fever’s gone. I’m only concerned about my UTI, but I’m just points away to “perfect health.”

    Niuli na mi, pero every morning anhi ko ila mama para mowork.

    • katrina says:

      Hi lemz, I hope you’re ok now. 🙂 Take care of your health jud because lisud au magkasakit. I miss you. I really do. I miss talking to you. I miss those times when I just can talk to you about things without hesitation. I wish I could I could see you soon. I miss you! Take care!

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