Bye-bye, October!

A few more days and I’ll be saying good-bye to October. Finally. A lot of good things happened, but over all it was a lousy month. I got sick, I touched my savings, my mental acuity went down the drain for a bit, I almost lost Chuck–it wasn’t just the best.

So November is going to be like turning over a new leaf, seeing things at a much deeper perspective, embracing positive changes, enjoying the new normal, and aspiring for a better me, physically, emotionally, spiritually. I’d said it in my last blog post: I am not getting any younger.

On the other hand, I hope you can take time to visit two posts I made: here and here. And definitely I, and the respective blog owners, would surely love to hear your thoughts about them.

I personally recommend Bob Marlin just in case you find yourself in Park Mall. Until now, I can still remember vividly the crunchy crispy pata and aromatic adobo rice.

It’s Almost November

Usually, November is an uneventful month for me. In fact, it’s one of the few months I want to skip (sorry!). I’m just looking forward to the holidays, cooler mornings, hopefully plenty of presents, great food, warm companies, and happy songs and movies.

But before that, I have to battle sluggishness–or perhaps the lack of self-discipline. I need better time management too if I want to stay committed to my so-called health and weight loss program. I should go to the gym as often as I can and burn at least 300 calories a day.

I also have to decide what I really want to do with my life. I’m turning 28 next year (well, three months from now), and I can’t afford to just settle for what’s in the present. I know I have no full control over my future, but it doesn’t mean I can’t plan or dream either.

Lastly, there’s Bernard’s birthday. I’m running out of ideas on what to do. Actually, I do have some, but I just don’t think they’ll work. If you have any suggestions, please do share.

I’ll go back to working now so I can get to visit my grandfather’s grave in the afternoon and perhaps catch Cosplay HD.

Let’s Go Cosplay This Saturday!

It’s a long, long weekend for all of us! Hurray! I love it because it means movie marathons, endless food (which I have to burn eventually for hours at the gym), and Bernard at home.

Of course, it also means I have more time to just chill out and have fun; and one of my dream go-to events this weekend is Cosplay HD.

Now, let’s get some things clear here: the event doesn’t really revolve around HD technology. HD stands for Harajuku District, a fashion mecca in Japan filled with men and women, young and old, who dress up with eccentric, personality-filled attires.

Here in Cebu, Linear Park is going to be our HD–Linear Park is across Marriott and near Cebu Holdings Center, by the way–and all cosplayers are invited to join, compete, meet other players, or simply watch the area transform into a one huge venue for a Japanese festival. If you don’t cosplay, like I do, we can just sit there, be amused and amazed, and capture as many photos as we can. Trust me, it’s going to be REALLY fun.

Cosplay HD is going to be on October 29, 2011 from 5 in the afternoon to midnight, so there’s plenty of hours to be there. It’s also brought to you by CEDF-IT, who’s celebrating its tenth year, in cooperation with and partnership with Cebu Holdings Incorporated and Ayala Center-Cebu.

My Atopic Dermatitis Protocol

So how’s my skin asthma doing? The rashes have got very small you wouldn’t notice them unless I stay under broad daylight or you stand very close to me and I tell you about it.

It’s itchy, yes, but very tolerable. Thank God, the rashes didn’t spread out too quickly–I only had them in both my arms–and my palms no longer had them. Perhaps it also helped I was so maarte I immediately sought the help of a good dermatologist.

Right now, I’m on Claricort (a kind of anti-allergy steroid, my sinusitis doctor told me). The derma already warned me I should be eating a lot. So far, it hasn’t happened yet, which I think is good.

She also suggested a moisturizing soap, Oilatum, as skin asthma usually worsens with dry skin. Cetaphil was the first option, but I tried it before, and I just developed an acne breakout. I may shift to Baby Blue later once my skin clears up completely. It’s more organic and still unscented.

I also created my own protocol based on what I read online. Based on my reading, they are the ones that offer the highest rate of success:

  • Sleep early for 6 to 8 hours, with lights off.
  • Consume psyllium fiber with Yakult and water every morning.
  • Enjoy sunlight for at least 15 minutes each morning.
  • Avoid consuming meat, wheat, poultry, dairy, and sugar for at least a month.
  • Soak the affected area in apple cider vinegar every night.
  • Take quick baths twice a day.
  • Use Oilatum at least twice a day.
  • Consume Probiotics.
  • Supplement with turmeric capsules.
  • Exercise for at least 15 minutes.
  • Drink 2 cups of oolong tea with honey.
  • Reduce stress.

I haven’t tried any of them yet, so wish me luck.

Giving Up Chuck

It’s the time of year again to be sick. Before, I found myself suffering from bronchitis with asthma tendencies. For the past days, I am battling sinusitis with skin asthma (or atopic dermatitis).

The trigger: my cat.

Lord knows I don’t want to give up my cat, but the doctors told me if I don’t, I would never fully recover. Worse, my illnesses may become chronic and resistant to any kind of medication.

I am hoping that by strengthening my immune system and treating my body with more respect I could finally say good-bye to any kind of allergy or asthma. Then, I could have Chuck back.

In the meantime, I have to learn to look at the bright side: maybe it’s time to love myself more. This way, I will be more prepared to take care of others, even pets such as Chuck.

RAFI Triennial Awards Calls on Entries for Blogging Contest

To promote the inspiring stories and work of recognized development workers in the Visayas and Mindanao, the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. (RAFI) is calling on individuals between 13 and 35 years old based in the Visayas and Mindanao to join the RAFI Triennial Awards Blogging Contest.

The contest highlights the RAFI Triennial Awards and its awardees and finalists. Guided by the theme, “Shaping the big picture of change,” entrants are expected to do background research on the lives and works of RAFI Triennial awardees and finalists nearest their area.

The RAFI Triennial Awards is an awards program of RAFI given every three years to recognize the philanthropic, humanitarian, and holistic efforts of individuals and institutions in the Visayas and Mindanao in enhancing the quality of life of the communities they serve. It is now on its 5th run with conferment of awards in 2012.

To join the RAFI Triennial Awards Blogging Contest, individuals should register through Entrants must have an existing and updated blog for at least six months.

All blog entries must be original and written in English, with a minimum of 1,000 words and maximum of 4,000 words. Entries should not have been entered or won in previous competitions. Writers must at the end of their blogs indicate, “This is an official entry to the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. (RAFI) Triennial Awards Blogging Contest.” and include a link to the RAFI website.

The criteria for judging include 50 percent for content (originality and alignment to the theme and research value) and 50 percent for writing style or composition (including technicalities). A contest participant is allowed a maximum of three blogs that feature different awardees and finalists.
After posting their entries on their blogs, entrants should email application form, URL of the blog post, and electronic copy of at least one valid ID to with the subject header: Entry to the RAFI Triennial Awards Blogging Contest.

The blogging contest started last Sept. 30. Deadline for the submission of blog entries is Dec. 15, 2011. Entrants must ensure that their blogs are accessible until winners are declared in January 2012.

First prize winner will receive Php 25,000; second prize Php 20,000; and third prize Php 15,000. All entries of winners and finalists will be consolidated and published into a book.