I’m Glad We Adopted Chuck

I could never forget what our family doctor said: I could never have a pet. I really don’t have the perfect set of lungs ever since I was a child. In fact, I had to take special supplements just to reduce my chances of respiratory illnesses. When Chuck came, I battled close to a month of bronchitis and asthma. I lost my voice, I could not sleep well for weeks, and I had to shift medications a number of times in the hope they would be effective.

Chuck should have to go. He was sent off to live with Bernard’s mom, because I could not just give him away just like that.


Chuck is a stray cat, but I didn’t really see him that way. He is an addition to our family (and everybody loves him!). And I guess, no matter how awkward it’s going to sound, my life would never be that happy if he’s not around.

Chuck has taught me a lot about life. I’ve learned to take things more lightly, to catch a moment to breathe. I’ve learned that I’m still capable of giving more love. I’ve learned to conquer some of my fears and give more respect and value to life, particularly if it belongs to an animal. Most of all, I’ve learned that with him, I really don’t have to feel so alone.

Raising Chuck isn’t the easiest thing to do for me, and there are a lot of times when I thought of giving up. I am also not sure how my doctor is going to react if he finds out I got him back. But when he starts to purr and looks at me with those pitiful eyes, I know I just couldn’t just let him go anymore. He surely doesn’t know how to articulate love, but he does know how to make me feel important and needed.

Chuck at 2 months


The Nail Clippers

Before Charice Pempengco became such a huge hit in Japan, there was the Nail Clippers.

Stylistas, Get a Chance to Win Some Freebies!

Are you a certified fashionista? Strut your stuff, show your style, and win a lot of great freebies, including passes for two upcoming exclusive events, courtesy of Y101.

For more information, read below:


Before anything, we’d like to congratulate our first ever Y101 Stylista of the Week, Dale Wesley Banaag, who flaunted the colorpoppin’ trend this summer with this ensemble:

Dale gets to take home a gift check for Chester Enterprises, as well as a cocktail ring from Bangkok-based wholesaler/retailer Elle Veztida. Congratulations!

But the winner for next week will definitely be in for a treat as we’re giving out exclusive passes for him/her and an equally fabulous friend for not just one, but TWO highly anticipated events!

Next week’s  Y101 Stylista of the Week will win two exclusive passes to this year’s Penthouse 2nd Anniversary Party feat. Dankann! Supported by powerhouse electronic artists such as Tiesto, Axwell and Paul van Dyk, Dankann is behind such house music hits as “I Keep Breathing”, “At the Edge of This Mountain”, and “Shine”.

Also up for grabs  are two Silver Passes to the highly-anticipated The Male Factor Fashion Show at The Waterfront Hotel! TMF will showcase  the hottest faces and bodies in the Cebu male modelling industry in one explosive high-fashion show along with some of Cebu’s top designers.

Two amazing events, four passes, for one very, very awesome Cebuano fashionista. Could you be next?

We’ll be announcing the winner on March 25, Friday. Keep sending those entries over to y101stylista@yahoo.com (we’re about to open an FB like page as well, but not till later this week). Give it your best shot! And please tag friends who might be interested as well:)

Special thanks to:

Charles Osmena and Andrew Sarmiento of Penthouse
Roland Icban and the rest of The Male Factor organizers
Sweet Villacillo of Elle Veztida
Kristine Roa of Instyle Cebu/Freeman

Job Fair for USC Alumni and Students

For those who are looking for jobs, for career change, or for wider options, then this job fair is for you. Come March 21 and 22, University of San Carlos will host a job fair, participated by more than 45 companies in the country today. This is open to all students and alumni of the university. Don’t forget to bring your resume and other credentials.

More details are found below:


FREE SEMINAR: How to Become an Awesome Home-based Worker!

Time: Saturday, March 26 · 2:00pm – 5:00pm
Location: Diamond Hall 2nd Flr Golden Peak Hotel & Suites, Gorordo Ave., Cor. Escario St., Cebu City, Philippines


Everything you need to know when it comes to working from home as a Virtual Assistant, Web Developer, SEO Specialist, Blogger, Writer, Social Media Assistant, and pretty much any other home-based position!

You will learn how to find work, interview like a rockstar, get hired, become awesome and ultimately work from the comfort of your own home, earning US$, working for overseas employers in a full-time position.

Seminar will be presented by outsourcing expert Chris C. Ducker, who has lived in the Philippines for 10 years and is highly regarded as the “Big Boss of Outsourcing” for VAs in the Philippines.

Come with your resume to automatically get added to our pool of virtual workers, so they can hook you up with a job for free!

IT Rockstars on Demand in EXIST

I T  R O C K S T A R S  O N  D E M A N D
What: a recruitment party (pizza & beer!!)
When: 25 March 2011, 7pm, Friday
Where: TechBar in Cebu
Experienced and first-rate devs are invited to join us for the most-wanted RECRUITMENT party of 2011.

Exist — enviable pioneers of open source in the Philippines with Java, Ruby on Rails, and dedicated interactive capabilities — is expanding and we want to reach that 200 headcount by our anniversary in September. You can be a major part of this!

Refer a friend who is qualified for any of our open positions or simply attend the party if you believe YOU have got what it takes to be part of our kickass team.

* RoR Developers w/ at least 2 years experience
* Java Developers w/ at least 2 years experience
* iPhone Developers w/ at least 2 years experience
* Python Developers w/ at least 2 years experience
* C++ Developers w/ at least 2 years experience
* Business Analysts w/ 2-3 years experience
* System Administrators w/ 3-4 years experience
* Project Managers w/ 3-4 years experience

RSVP by sending your or your friend’s resume to hr@exist.com [Subject: I wanna be an Exist Rockstar!] and clicking “Attending” on our FB event page.

Exciting prizes, great entertainment, lightning talks, pizza and beer await you at the party, so sign up today!

Cebu Bloggers Society and Partners Announce World Bloggers’ Day 2011

Cebu, Philippines, March 11, 2011—Cebu Bloggers Society, Inc.(CBSi), along with its local and international partners, announces World Bloggers’ Day 2011 to be held in Cebu, Philippines, on May 2011.

Blogging has indeed become more than just an electronic platform of expression. It is now used for business marketing and self-promotion and for personal and social causes. It has also linked like-minded individuals in different parts of the world and has been identified as an effective tool in online media.

To celebrate the friendship and to foster unity as well as professional and personal relationships, CBSi is inviting every blogger to participate in the upcoming World Bloggers’ Day 2011, with the theme: “World Bloggers’ Day 2011: The Roles of Bloggers.”

The affair will offer participants plenty of online activities, including interactions among local and international partners, a series of lectures and discussions, live blogging, and loads of fun and entertainment.

CBSi initiated World Bloggers’ Day as a way of gathering all bloggers in all corners of the globe. The first World Bloggers’ Day happened last May 2, 2010, in Parkmall Cebu.

Initially participated by Cebu-based bloggers, the event has already attained wider recognition and has gained the interest and partnership of various blog-based organizations, both here and abroad. Through their leaders, CBSi has obtained the participation confirmation of the following:

* Sydney Bloggers Festival (Australia) – Glen Frost
* Pakistani Pro Bloggers (Pakistan) – Mohammad Khan
* Iligan Bloggers (Philippines) – Lovette Jam Prada Jacosalem
* South African Bloggers (South Africa) – Muhammad Karim
* Manila Bloggers (Philippines) – Azrael Coladilla
* Singapore Bloggers (Singapore) – Tom of Singapore Stories
* New York Bloggers (USA) – Michael Bouldin
* Dubai Bloggers (Dubai) – Ion Gonzaga
* Lahore – Pakistan Bloggers (Pakistan) – Rohan David Emmanuel

World Bloggers’ Day is a celebration of the digital media revolution with the ultimate aim to unite the world through blogs and bloggers.

The World Bloggers’ Day International Team is still scouting for more local & international partners. For more details about the upcoming event, particularly about how to join, send your e-mail to cbsicorporate@gmail.com.

About the Society

Cebu Bloggers Society Inc. is a non-stock, non-profit organization. It is the first blogging society in the country that is registered in the Securities and Exchange Commission. Composed of more than 60 members, CBSi aims to promote the province through the use of new media such as blogging and social networking. It also desires to develop its members to be value-driven, productive nation builders by utilizing online media to reach out communities, locally and internationally.