Celebrate Social Media Day Cebu Tomorrow

When Twitter and Facebook, to name a few, became household names (because they definitely conquered the offline world too), it’s as if the floodgates of golden opportunities opened.

Many people have obtained jobs, met their partners, reunited with their long-lost friends and even family, built a name or a business, and explored and established professional and personal relationships.

But more than anything else, they were instruments of empowerment.

At least for the past two years, I can no longer count with my fingers the number of times these social media tools have played a critical role not only in information dissemination but also in decision-making processes.

When an old ordinance of Pasig was revisited, it caused a wild uproar among netizens, eventually compelling the council to put it on the back burner.

The love story of Lola Aurelia and Lolo Luis got a modern twist when Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube told of their tale and the grandmother’s search for the love of her life.

More people have become more aware, vigilant, and participative in the recently concluded Corona trial, the Scarborough Shoal standoff, and almost every issue the country is facing.

It fostered compassion, as thousands upon thousands volunteered, donated, and simply opened their hearts to millions of people, Filipinos especially, who became victims of tragedies and natural calamities.

Social media has definitely changed the way we live, think, and feel. It has made the world smaller and the people a lot closer.

I am not surprised that many also abused social media, using it as a very lame excuse to hurt, malign, destroy, and render their supposed opponents (usually unwilling and unknowing) desperate and helpless. In fact, I expect there will be more.

But social media has also provided me a whole new perspective–it shows me that there are still worthy eggs in the basket. As long as proof of man’s kindness, generosity, love, humanity, conviction, and strength resonates in social media through images, stories, videos, and even music, the world still remains a very beautiful place and that every challenge can be conquered and won.

Cebu Bloggers Society is one with the world in celebrating Social Media Day tomorrow, June 30, at 1:00 to 5:00 p.m., in Mactan Isla Resort. You can register here.  Fee for non-CBSi members is Php 500.00.

For more information, visit Cebu Bloggers Society website.


Social Media Day Cebu  is made possible by the following organizations, sponsors and partners: Mactan Isla ResortCebu Tech Jobs , Pinoy Great DealsMozilla PhilippinesSun CellularGlobe Tatt Awards , SMART Communications, PRWorks, Diamond Suites and Residences. iTRAVEL iEXPLORE Tours and Services, Marc Louie Photography, Krispy Kreme, Lenddo and  JYGonzales and Partners.

The organizers would also like to acknowledge its online media partners: TekWorx Mobile and Web ServicesThird Team Media, and RLCOMM International.

Its offline media campaign is made possible through Cebu Daily News, Freeman, and Sunstar Cebu.


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