Stay in El Nido Apulit for Free

Do you ever dream of staying here?

El Nido Resorts Apulit is a prime beach getaway known for its over-water cottages, pristine beach, and truly amazing sceneries. (image from

Nope, this isn’t Bora-Bora or Maldives. It’s found right here in the Philippines–in Apulit Island.

I know you’re daydreaming about frolicking on the beach, dining on scrumptious seafood, or simply immersing yourself in the picture-perfect island.

So what if I tell you, you–and your chosen companion–can be there FOR FREE?

I’m not kidding! Check out how you can do that:

It’s as easy as that!

Start writing your blog post pronto. Don’t forget the submission deadlines: JULY 15.

Extend your summer in one of the best beach retreats in the country: El Nido Resorts-Apulit Island.


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