Drooling over PAL’s Promo

One of the best gifts I received when I was young was a round-trip PAL ticket from my uncle. It was such a huge blessing since a few months after, my school sent me to a summit in Tagaytay. I was able to bring my mom and spend more time with my father, who had been staying for a while there. PAL was just great. The seats were comfortable, the food A-okay, and the flight so smooth and steady.

The next time I traveled with PAL, we’re going home from a one-month stay in Manila, and the experience hardly changed.

So when I came across this PAL promo, I could not help but wish I’d have the chance to fly again with the airlines. If only their fares were more affordable.

Anyway, going back to the promo, I am just salivating at the chance of going to NY. Seriously, there are only two places I want to see in America: Boston and New York. There’s something so magical and spellbinding about the latter, especially during the winter. Rockefeller just comes alive!

I’d love to spend a good time in Central Park, head anywhere in Manhattan, try out their hole-in-the-wall restaurants, or shop at Fifth Avenue. Of course, I’ll spend my evenings in Time Square and watch plays.

PAL’s promo brings you to NY and to everything lovely about the city. You get to stay in Peninsula New York and watch Phantom of the Opera and Wicked. How’s that? And since this is labeled as NY Love Tour, it’s expected you get to bring a date while you tour around the enthralling city.

I know you’re eager now to know how to fall in love many times over with NY, so you better read more info in PAL’s website.


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