Giving Up Chuck

It’s the time of year again to be sick. Before, I found myself suffering from bronchitis with asthma tendencies. For the past days, I am battling sinusitis with skin asthma (or atopic dermatitis).

The trigger: my cat.

Lord knows I don’t want to give up my cat, but the doctors told me if I don’t, I would never fully recover. Worse, my illnesses may become chronic and resistant to any kind of medication.

I am hoping that by strengthening my immune system and treating my body with more respect I could finally say good-bye to any kind of allergy or asthma. Then, I could have Chuck back.

In the meantime, I have to learn to look at the bright side: maybe it’s time to love myself more. This way, I will be more prepared to take care of others, even pets such as Chuck.


3 Comments on “Giving Up Chuck”

  1. jaysee says:

    Get well soon te! But don’t give up on Chuck. I know what that feels like. It’ll be like giving up a family. In every problem, there is a way! 🙂

    • lemonsito says:

      Hi, Jaysee, yes, you’re exactly right! But don’t worry. He’s just going to be with his “lola.” 😀 We can still visit him once in a while, and we’re planning to spend a few days of Christmas with him and the rest of the family. By then, hopefully, I’m in a better shape.

  2. […] a lousy month. I got sick, I touched my savings, my mental acuity went down the drain for a bit, I almost lost Chuck–it wasn’t just the […]

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