New Assignment!

I am happy with my new assignment for Cebu Bloggers Society. I’m tasked to write anything related to personal finance.

It’s quite close to my heart, because I grew up being taught by my parents how to manage my finances well. Although I don’t succeed at all times, the learning I get from them allows me to pick myself up immediately, move on, and find more effective strategies.

It will also motivate me to be consistent. I would definitely turn out to be a hypocrite if my tips are the things I don’t really believe in, more so practice.

I don’t really consider myself a financial guru. I don’t have in-depth knowledge on investing and insurance, for example; but hopefully, with the help of some experts, I will be able to acquire the education, which I can then share with all of you.

I am very much open to any suggestions, comments, and questions. My e-mail address is found in About Me section. In the meantime, read my tips on How to Save and Manage Your Salary Every Payday.


2 Comments on “New Assignment!”

  1. Mark says:

    Hey… I’d look forward to your posts Lems.

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