We Are Blessed

I cried today–no, I bawled. I was so frustrated at something. When I don’t get what I want, I immediately go into self-pity.

This is what happened today–and perhaps in some other days.

I’ve written quite a number of affirmation articles for my client, and I’ve always emphasized about counting one’s blessings.

Sad to say, I sometimes fail to walk the talk. And I guess I am not an isolated case.

Usually, even the smallest problems make us feel so bad about our own lives. We think we already belong to the worst lot. We become so closed up in our own little miserable world we forget our lives aren’t just all about us.

Worse, our own troubles take our attention away from those that matter most–things, both big and small, that make life more meaningful and happier. Those blessings we often ignore or take for granted.

So let me start counting my blessings today:

I am blessed to have a good husband. He’s not perfect. He’s a person made up of a lot of flaws. But he’s the first one who gives me a hug when I’m down, who believes fully in what I can do and in what I am, who listens to my rants and pain, and who has been faithful to me for the past 10 years. I like the fact that he’s honest with me, even if the truth really hurts me to the core. Sometimes I deny them, but they do make me a better person.

I am blessed to belong to a wonderful family. We’re not rich. We struggle a couple of times. Sometimes I find myself battling with them. But I could never discount the support and love they have for me, and now that I’m married, I learn to appreciate their presence more.

I am blessed with friends who have been with me through thick and thin. I am blessed by a handful who, even if we’re miles apart, are only a phone call or e-mail away.

I am blessed to have a good job. It’s a job that doesn’t only bring food to the table but also helps pay the bills, fund travel, support others, and secure our future.

I am blessed that I’m generally happy. I may not have everything in the world, but I’m content. I am in the right place.

And if I am blessed, I know you are too. So start counting them now.


2 Comments on “We Are Blessed”

  1. nian says:

    Nice piece ate Lem! I think happiness begins when we learn to appreciate what we have, and stop complaining about what we don’t have. We are indeed all blessed! 😀

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