I’m Glad We Adopted Chuck

I could never forget what our family doctor said: I could never have a pet. I really don’t have the perfect set of lungs ever since I was a child. In fact, I had to take special supplements just to reduce my chances of respiratory illnesses. When Chuck came, I battled close to a month of bronchitis and asthma. I lost my voice, I could not sleep well for weeks, and I had to shift medications a number of times in the hope they would be effective.

Chuck should have to go. He was sent off to live with Bernard’s mom, because I could not just give him away just like that.


Chuck is a stray cat, but I didn’t really see him that way. He is an addition to our family (and everybody loves him!). And I guess, no matter how awkward it’s going to sound, my life would never be that happy if he’s not around.

Chuck has taught me a lot about life. I’ve learned to take things more lightly, to catch a moment to breathe. I’ve learned that I’m still capable of giving more love. I’ve learned to conquer some of my fears and give more respect and value to life, particularly if it belongs to an animal. Most of all, I’ve learned that with him, I really don’t have to feel so alone.

Raising Chuck isn’t the easiest thing to do for me, and there are a lot of times when I thought of giving up. I am also not sure how my doctor is going to react if he finds out I got him back. But when he starts to purr and looks at me with those pitiful eyes, I know I just couldn’t just let him go anymore. He surely doesn’t know how to articulate love, but he does know how to make me feel important and needed.

Chuck at 2 months



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