Mugged by a Cat


Two days ago, the husband was mugged by our next-door neighbor’s fat cat. He had several scratches, not to mention a pair of deep puncture wounds, in his left arm. We already rushed to the hospital, but he was only given anti-tetanus shots. This may mean that we have to observe the cat for the next couple of days, see if he suddenly turns into a ferocious wild animal or a lethargic sullen kitty (and I have a huge feeling he’s not vaccinated).

But I’m not that confident. I don’t feel okay. So the husband and I will visit an infectious disease specialist in Chong Hua Hospital (per the advice of a vet) and compel the doctor to give him an anti-rabies shot. From what I read, it’s going to cost a lot, but what the heck, it doesn’t really matter. Rabies is almost 100 percent fatal, and I don’t want to take any chances.

So please wish us luck and pray for us. Let’s hope that everything is going to be okay very soon.


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