Meet Chuck

This is us with Chuck. Chuck is a rescued kitten. Stephanie found him a couple of weeks ago beside his dead sibling. With her generosity and kindess, she took him in and kept him safe and fed. However, she needed to attend personal matters back at home, and she was looking for someone who could take care of Chuck forever.

Bernard and I love cats, and we definitely love the idea of having a kitten around. So through Facebook, we got in touch with Stephanie, and she brought him to us last Sunday.

Chuck is well trained. He knows his way around his kitty litter. He is also aware where his food is and knows how to beg. He loves to give me those tender eyes every time I go up the stairs to work, and I have to leave him in the living room.

He likes to play with almost anything, and like any cats, he’s very observant and curious. He loves to bite our hands and toes and wants us to tickle his belly all the time. We bought him a kennel, which we left open, hoping he’d sleep in there. But he found a more perfect spot: our sofa bed. Ever since he slept there, it never became ours again.

He’s currently taking vitamins and a medicine just to rid those abundant bacteria in his body. At first there was a lot of struggle, but he soon learned not to complain.

Bernard and I are hoping that Chuck would grow to be a healthy, active, and curious cat someday. As of the moment, though, we’re looking forward to spending the rest of the holidays with him.

PS: There are a lot of cats and dogs that need a home and family. If you wish to adopt a pet, join Island Rescue Organization or get in touch with them.

Thanks to Stephanie and IRO for the lovely photo. 🙂


3 Comments on “Meet Chuck”

  1. Stephanie says:

    Stephanie here… I can’t say how utterly thrilled I am that you decided to take Chuck in. It’s a rare person who gives of themselves and you’ve done just that. I know that you and Bernard are the perfect people to care for him and I have no doubt that he’ll grow to be a beautiful, rambunctious cat. My friend saw this picture of you that I also posted on Facebook and said, “What a cute kitten. I’m sure he will make his servants very happy!” Ha! Bless you, yet again!

  2. […] Chuck is a stray cat, but I didn’t really see him that way. He is an addition to our family (and everybody loves him!). And I guess, no matter how awkward it’s going to sound, my life would never be that happy if he’s not around. […]

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