Quirky Planner for 2011

I’m fond of planners. In fact, if I could just find all of them, I could fill an entire level of a bookcase. But I really don’t want to settle for anything ordinary. The quirkier they are the better. That’s why when I found out Witty Will Save the World’s planners, I know I’ve found what I’ve been looking for.

For 2011, I’m getting their Relaks, Puso Lang Yan, Malayo sa Bituka planner (yes, that’s the exact title). It’s intended for everyone, especially for the brokenhearted, hopeless romantic, man and woman haters, people who consider their relationships unstable, and guys and gals who are fond of sappy movies.

I don’t want to talk much about it, though. I’ll just let the pictures do the talking. But before that, if you wish to get the planner, visit their Facebook Fan Page. It will cost you 350 pesos, and that’s already free shipping. For more comprehensive information on how to buy, visit this page.

the front cover of the planner

so-called love history

the "disclaimer"

Have you really moved on?

If you cannot say your angry thoughts coherently, then just fill in the blanks.

Every month is preceded by a "Guess the Movie" page.

Love songs and trivia (such as when's the birthday of Donna Cruz?) appear in several pages.

Show them where it really hurts.

love coupons

Photos from Spot.ph


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